Fulton County Grave Transcriptions

Transcribed 1986


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Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Aeschliman German Ai Fulton
Archbold German Amboy Amboy
Ayers Dover Berkebile York
Bayes Clinton Dutch Ridge Fulton
Beck German Fluhart York
Butler Chesterfield Fulton Union Fulton
Eckley German Greenlawn York
Ely Franklin Jordan Royalton
Fulton Co. Infirmary Dover Keen Swan Creek
Goll German King York
Hawley Chesterfield Lutz Swan Creek
Johnson German Lyons Royalton
Lauber Hill German Old Delta York
Lena Clinton Our Lady of Fatima Royalton
Mikesell Clinton Raker Swan Creek
Ottokee Dover Ruppart York
Pettisville Lutheran Clinton St. Mary's Catholic Amboy
Pettisville Mennonite Clinton St. Richards Catholic Fulton
Pettisville Union Clinton Salisbury Pike
Pleasant View Gorham Shiloh Swan Creek
Roos Chesterfield Swanton Swan Creek
Rupp German West Barre York
St. Caspar Catholic Clinton Winameg Pike
St. James Lutheran German Zion York
St. Johns Reformed German
St. Lukes Lutheran Clinton
St. Peters Catholic German
Smith Franklin
Snow Gorham
Tedrow Dover
Wauseon Union Clinton
West Franklin Franklin
Wyse German


Old Cemetery / Cemetery Names

Amish abandoned/ to Eckley LaBounty see Amboy
Aetna see Winameg Leichty see Beck
Centreville see Swanton Leininger see St. James Lutheran
Coffin abandoned/to Fayette McClarren see Fluhart
Colter abandoned Masters see West Franklin
Darby see Gould Miley see Lena
Delta see Greenlawn Mt. Salem see Ely
Edgar see Ruppart New Mennonite see Lauber Hill
Fayette see Pleasant View Rose Hill see Roos
Fisher see Ely Sand Hill see Johnson
Fowler abandoned/to Berkebile Spring Hill see Tedrow
Franklin see West Franklin Union see Fulton Union
Gerig see Wyse see Pettisville Union
Gould see Ruppart see Snow
Hubeil abandoned see Wauseon Union
Kline see Coulter Viers see Fulton Union